Researchers in Quantum Computing Support Program
The program goal
Provide finance and additional support to scientists, students and independent researchers that are Georgian residents, in order to stimulate and encourage their surveys in mentioned fields, discovering and developing new methods of computation, solution of difficult computing issues that are insolvable using classic methods of Computer Science.
Grant amount
Grant consists of:
1000 GEL
  • Scholarship in amount of 1000 GEL per month, annually
  • Pre-payed amount of time on one of AWS quantum simulators, at choice:
Amazon Braket SV1 - 240 hours;
Amazon Braket DM1 - 240 hours;
Amazon Braket TN1 - 72 hours;
Help with publishment and standardizing of research result
Rules of participation
Candidates should provide brief description of their projects, emphasize potential benefits and results. Also all of them have to be Georgian citizens with permanent residence in Georgia.

After getting first application the commission will arrange an interview to discuss with candidate technicaldetails and conceptual aspects of one's project.