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November, 07 | Sunday
14:00 – 16:00 (Tbs time)
Terminal. Abashidze, 34
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Neutrino: a ghost particle with large research opportunities.
A neutrino is an elementary particle with a very small mass.
Neutrinos, though weak, still interact with matter. And that means it has some kind of mass! Determining its mass was extremely important. If you know the mass of a single particle, you can roughly determine its total mass and density. This mass will contribute to the total mass of the universe and it is a very important indicator in modern cosmology and is used in many calculations. In one second, every square centimeter of our body is cut by about 60,000,000,000 neutrinos sent to us by the sun.

Right next to us, in Tbilisi, a group of scientists led by Professor Revaz Shanidze participates in the study of neutrinos, thus contributing to world science.

About the lecturer
# Academic Council of the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
# Scientific Council of High Energy Physics Institute, Tbilisi State University
# Commission for Nuclear Energy and Radiation Protection Problems of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences (GNAS)
# Institute Board of the international KM3NeT Collaboration
# German Physical Society (DPG)

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Coworking space Terminal.
Tbilisi, Abashidze 34
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1. Sampling method: a collection of saliva (fluid from the mouth).
2. Preparation: Do not eat, do not drink, chew gum, and do not smoke for 10 minutes before collecting saliva (fluid from the mouth). Oral fluid can be collected at any time of the day.
3. Research method: Immunochromatographic analysis.
4. Sensitivity of the test - 90.1%, specificity - 99.3%.
5. Completion time: 15 minutes.
6. The cost is 30 GEL. You can pay by card.

Antigen test is necessary unless dual vaccination or active PCR test (more than 72 hours have elapsed since material sampling)

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