Do an internship at an international IT company
and get access to experienced mentors, knowledge and high income
Welcome to HQ software team

What do we offer you?
Get the most out of your internship:
Real work
Get involved in the real development of international projects from the very beginning of your internship.
Gain experience and use it in new projects, learn more about different methods of working in projects.
Learn from the best and get support from your mentor during your internship.
Train with professionals with a monthly stipend and get the opportunity to be part of the team.
Work in a team of professionals and solve ambitious tasks together.
Work with cutting edge technology and practices.

Your income will grow.
The growth of your income depends only on you.
The faster your professional level grows, the faster your income grows.

What is important for us?
See how well we fit together:
You really want to become the best programmer, you have experience (even if it is small), but you do not have enough knowledge and experience in real international projects.
You are ready to achieve your goals and overcome the difficulties that arise. Are you ready to go all the way and get a job offer for an international IT company?
–°ommunication with the team
You read this text - it means you know English. This will make it easier to communicate with mentors and the team. Our mentors are from Belarus, so knowledge of the Russian language will be an additional bonus on your part.

How It Works
Fill out a simple form and get a response from the mentor.
Start your internship online
Your mentors will give you assignments. You study the materials on your own.
Get support from a mentor
A mentor will be available for you to answer your questions and issue the next assignment. Your mentor will be a professional who takes part in solving the problems of companies such as HTC, Canon, Sega, Honda, BBC and more.
Finish your internship and get a job offer
Based on the results of the test and interview, you will receive a scholarship offer, and after 3 months, an offer to work in the HQ team. It can happen earlier - it all depends on you. The growth of your income depends on your abilities, diligence and motivation.

Start developing your career
Fill out the form and get a response from the mentor