d-tech grants
Fill out the brief
Please, prepare files, required for the participation, upload them on Google.Disk and give us an access to it (if password is required - attach it in comments) and fill in the brief step by step.

Files required to upload (in any format):
1. Formal approvement of your participation in collaboration with KM3Net (for example application form or acceptance form)
2. Letter consisting dissertation topic declaration by your scientific director
3. Brief description of researching goals
Confirmation of your participation in the KM3NeT collaboration
Attach a link to the file (this can be an application form, an acceptance form, or something else)
Attach a letter in which your supervisor approves the topic of the dissertation
Attach a link to the file (the file format does not matter)
Attach a brief description of the expected results
Attach a link to the file (the file format does not matter)
Which is preferred for your research?
Expected deadlines for completion of work on the dissertation
For example, December 2024
Specify information resources on which you would like to publish your articles.
Willingness to sign an agreement to mention the company that issued the grant with a link to the website
Your comments and wishes