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Structure of Georgian Economy
  • Primary and Secondary sectors are poorly developed. Reason – lack of significant raw materials (oil, natural gas, precious metals and etc.)
  • As a result – the main part of the economy is concentrated in Tertiary and Quaternary sector.
    • International Logistics.
    • Finance - Bank System, Insurance, Foundations and etc.
    • Tourism and sightseeing.
    • Show Business - represented mostly by Gambling.
    • Mass Media.
    • Pharmaceuticals.
    • Quaternary Sector, including IT industry is poorely developed.
    Tertiary sector – it's a sector of Services.
    In Georgia there dominate several kind of service industries:
    Georgian IT Industry. Average monthly earnings
    Georgian IT Industry. Number of Employees
    Georgian IT Industry. Personnel Costs.
    Georgian IT Industry. Production value
    Georgian IT Industry. Turnover.
    Georgian IT Industry. Value added.
    • All the countries with the same economic structure, lacking strategic Raw Materials, successfully developed only through Tertiary and Quaternary Sector – Economy of Knowledge. For example:
    • Japan
    • Four Asian Tigers: South Korea, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Taiwan
    • Four New Asian Tigers: Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand
    • Baltic Tigers: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
    • Balkan Tiger: Serbia
    • Celtic Tiger: Ireland
    World Experience
    • The main reason of poor IT industry in Georgia – lack of integration into Global markets.
    • Demand on Software from local companies is not good enough to create serious IT industry.
    • DEMAND from Global corporations needs an OFFER from international, highly- qualified IT community. Global DEMAND needs Global OFFER.
    • Government should become THE MAIN INVESTOR AND ALLY new IT community, creating the FLEXIBLE TAX policy optimal environment for the movement and permanent residence of engineers in Georgia.
    G-connect Relocation Program.
    • G-Connect concept requires creation of Globally Demanded IT industry in Georgia.

    • The main mechanism – Relocation of highly qualified Software Developers from all over the world in Georgia. These includes both single specialists and existing Software Studios with their staff.

    • As a result – merge of local IT community with international.
    G-connect Relocation Program.
    • Basic feature of Software Engineering – engineers themselves are Fixed or Long-Live assets.
    • Relocation of engineers and software studios is EQUIVALENTE to the import of whole factories, generating direct income for the economy.
    G-connect Relocation Program.
    • Advantages of the implementation of G-Connect:
    • Growth of the Economy without any significant expenses
    • Upgrade of the local IT community's professional level
    • Increase of workplaces
    • Decrease of "Brain Drain" out of the country
    • Improvement of the Demography
    • Recover of social environment
    • Decrease of the internal political tension
    G-connect Relocation Program.
    What will do?
    Georgia connecting
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